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Media Center Rules

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Media Center Rules

Rule #1- Bring back your books.

2 for 2. You may check out two books at a time and keep them for two weeks.

Renew books when you need more time.

You are welcome to come in for open check out when it is okay with your teacher.

Overdue notes help remind you to bring in books.

Lost or damaged books must be paid for by you and your parents so we can order replacements.


Rule #2- Take care of your books.  

Here are some good rules to remember about taking care of books. 

Keep books in a safe place at home.  

Book bags and backpacks are helpful to remember to bring books back.

Watch out for food and water! Leaky juice boxes and water bottles can ruin library books.  Wash your hands after you eat so you don't leave pizza sauce on the book.

Beware of those pets and little brothers and sisters. You wouldn't want to read a book that is drawn in, colored on, cut up, or chewed up! Keep those library books looking fresh and fun for others.


Rule #3 - Take care of the library.

Think of others.  We have classes daily in the library. 

Someone might be thinking, reading, or testing.

Work quietly. Talking quietly is fine as long as it doesn't disturb others. Try to use a 6 inch voice.

Put things away so others can find them.You know how frustrating it is to need something you can't find.  

Use a shelf marker to help you remember where books go while you are browsing. Then if you change your mind, you can put it back in the right place.

Help others practice the rules. 

This is YOUR library to enjoy!








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